What types of AI-generated content are most commonly used by marketing professionals?

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What types of AI-generated content are most commonly used by marketing professionals? That’s the question posed by HubSpot’s blog in its latest post, where it analyzes the data from a survey conducted among over 1,350 American marketers who are already employing AI in their roles.

According to the report, the most popular types of content for generative AI are as follows:

  • Social Media Posts (58%): AI can assist in generating content ideas, suggesting topics, writing headlines, and optimizing the timing and platform for publication. Furthermore, it can analyze audience behavior and preferences to create more effective and relevant posts.
  • Product Descriptions (50%): AI can simplify the task of describing new products, especially when dealing with an audience that isn’t well-versed in technical terminology. AI can generate original, persuasive descriptions tailored to the brand’s tone and customer profile.
  • Emails (47%): AI can enhance the effectiveness of email marketing by personalizing messages, segmenting contacts, optimizing subject lines and calls to action, and automating sending and follow-ups. AI can also measure campaign performance and offer improvement suggestions.
  • Images (45%): AI can create captivating and lifelike images from text or voice input. These images can be used to illustrate content, design logos, generate memes, create art, or even mimic the style of famous artists.
  • Blog Entries (43%): AI can assist bloggers in generating high-quality, original content optimized for SEO. AI can suggest topics, write headlines, structure text, add links and quotes, and review grammar and style. AI can also generate summaries or excerpts for sharing on social media or in newsletters.

These are just a few examples of how AI can empower marketers’ content strategy. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, you can download the free report: The State of Artificial Intelligence in 2023ยน.

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